[nSLUG] Administrivia: Non-member posts now rejected, not held

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Wed Jul 19 12:19:03 ADT 2006

I'm sick of weeding through three dozen held non-member posts to the
list every few days to see if any of them are non-spam, relevant posts
that need approval.  I have done this chore for years, and during that
time the volume of spam non-member posts that miss the spam filter and
therefore are held for approval has gradually crept up across my
tolerance threshold.

Therefore, as of today, I've changed the list policy to reject
non-member posts instead of holding them.  If you've been in the habit
of posting from non-member addresses every once in a while (either
deliberately or by accident,) and don't want your posts to be rejected,
you either need to change that habit, or subscribe any extra address you
might post from, then change your subscriber settings for the extras to
turn off receiving mail so that you don't receive multiple copies of
every post to the list.

Let it not be said that I am a heartless BOFH.  If there is a medical
reason why your non-member posts should be approved, fax a signed note
from your Dr. with your email address and name on it stating the reason
I should make an exception for you to 555-1212 and I will whitelist your

Ben (nslug-admin at nslug.ns.ca)


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