[nSLUG] [OT] Re: What's WebGuard.Cab?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Mon Jul 17 20:29:03 ADT 2006

Hamish> webguard is the remote monitoring tool for IDIS surveillance
Hamish> systems....
Hamish> ...
Hamish> More Information on Webguard with demo
Hamish> http://www.rvjintl.com/webguard/webguard_intro.html

Thanks for pointers.

hamish> These machines have a program running on them called
hamish> UpdateReciever.  (from memory) It may be possible that your IP
hamish> address was accidentally put in as the server to receive
hamish> updates from????

Well, the port 80 probes were doing "GET / HTTP/1.0".  Perhaps there
was no connection at all between the probes and the webguard stuff I
got when I did a return probe.

Another small piece of the puzzle. But RVJ International seems to be
flogging software & services to the DEA, the US Navy and other heavies.
What would their software be doing on J. Random DSL Customer's Windoes
boxes in Nova Scotia?  Huh.  More puzzle.

Thanks for the clues,
- Mike

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