[nSLUG] Bad connection via Aliant

Tyler Smith tyler.smith at mail.mcgill.ca
Thu Jul 6 13:23:02 ADT 2006


First off, apologies to members of the debian-users for the cross post, 
I just found the nSLUG group.

I've just moved from Montreal to Wolfville. In the process I switched 
ISPs, from Bell Sympatico to Aliant. They use the same hardware, but I'm 
having problems with my net access with Debian Etch. The modem is a 
Speedstream 6520, which I've connected to my desktop NIC. It's running 
fine for WindowsXP on the same machine, but when I'm running Etch I get 
very slow connection, and I get 'problem loading page' errors most of 
the time. Email is ok, usually, but it too occassionally fails to 
connect to the servers for my POP3 account. I've tried shutting down 
Firestarter, but that doesn't make any difference.

As I said, this same set up was working no problems with Bell Sympatico 
just a week ago, and the connection is currently fine with XP. Any 
ideas? I'd rather not spend too much time inside XP...

By the way, I'd be happy to meet up with any nSLUGers in the 
Wolfville/Halifax area. I've just been hacking around with Linux for the 
past year, first with Mepis and now with Debian Etch. I'm a grad student 
in botany, without any training in IT but some interest in programming 
in C, R (S-plus), and Python.



Tyler Smith


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