[nSLUG] Partition full would like advice

Jack Warkentin jwark at eastlink.ca
Mon Jul 3 20:59:54 ADT 2006

Hi Paul

On July 3, 2006 06:45 pm, J. Paul Bissonnette wrote:

> I thought I would seek advice before I screw up my Debian 
> /usr is almost full

You say /usr here, but hereafter you say /usb. I will assume that you 
meant /usr throughout.

> I thought I could split it into /usb, /usb/share, /usb/lib and use
> some spare space elsewhere in the disk. I don't think there are any
> files in either that are required during boot up. 

Without any personal experience, I feel certain that you are correct 
about not needing /usr during bootup. I have read about setting 
up /usr on a separate partition, then mounting it read only. It could 
then be used for mounting via NFS on other systems on the same 
network. The other systems would have to boot without using /usr.

However, I would suggest that you consider using parted from a live-cd 
to adjust your existing partitions so that /usr can be enlarged. I 
recently needed to do something similar - I wanted to delete one 
partition and then expand the adjacent (lower-numbered) partition to 
fill the space freed up by the deletion. This worked perfectly using 
parted from a live GNU/Linux CD.



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