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Mon Jul 3 12:12:22 ADT 2006

On 6/27/06, Mike Spencer <mspencer at tallships.ca> wrote:

> Well, here's what I do: The second or third time (maybe even the first
> time) I discover that what I need to know about foo is only available
> in info format, I cat all the foo.info* files together and put the
> result in my personal ~/man directory.  I have a homebrew script
> (called mann) that finds stuff I've put in ~/man.  Thereafter, ``mann
> foo'' will give me everything I have on foo.

Sounds like you need a decent full text indexing system.  NeXT had one
years ago.  When we moved from NeXT to SGI there wan't anything
equivalent, so I used glimpse
(http://webglimpse.net/lic-personal.html) and agrep, but it was quite
fragile. Now we have beagle, but it is a bit much for my hardware to
swallow, and was fragile the last time I tried it.  Digital had a
system whose name I forget that extracted text from PostScript and
used it to build indexes of document collections, but it was written
in modula-2 and was also fragile.

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