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Sun Jul 2 13:13:55 ADT 2006

On 6/29/06, Miles Thompson <miles at allnovascotia.com> wrote:

> John MacDonald, out here in East Hants is negotiating with the owner to buy
> the firm.
> Of course the firm is only worth buying if present customers stick with it.

Or if the staff hang on -- this business is all about the people and
even with the .com meltdown it still isn't easy to hire good ones.

> It's John's efforts that got the servers back up today.

My in laws live just across the border in rural Maine.  They have seen
a long progression of local providers come and go, but usually the
going occurred when a larger firm bought out a small provider.
Judging from the way customers were mistreated (higher fees, new email
addresses, insistence that customers could only run Windows), getting
the staff must have been more important than customers.

I suspect economics are against small providers.  Did I mention that
this business is all about the people?  It is hard for a small
organization to have enough staff to deal with illness or family
emergencies.  Good ones have a small and highly dedicated staff who
work very hard, leading to burnout and the illnesses that come with a
sedentary job and long irregular hours.

George N. White III <aa056 at chebucto.ns.ca>
Head of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia


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