[nSLUG] DNS & hosting policy....

David Potter dlpotter at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Jan 12 08:46:53 AST 2006

I'm considering moving one of my domain names to a commercial server 
(from the one sitting beside me). I'm currently using DomainsAtCost for 
Registrar and ZoneEdit.com for DNS and the advantage is that their MX 
will redirect all mail *@mydomain.name to my primary account and the new 
boys want me to pay more extra for the additional email addresses I'm 
already using. On the surface they appear to insist that I use use their 
DNS (I'm not sure they actually read/understood my question about using 
ZoneEdit - it looked like a form reply.)

I'm wondering if I can switch DNS over to them temporarily and then, 
after a couple of days, when they've satisfied themselves that they 
_are_ all powerful - switching the primary name server back to ZoneEdit.

How much real trouble would that cause, ...I guess that would leave a 
incorrect/orphan SOA....

David Potter


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