[nSLUG] RE: OT: New to the area - need help with food search

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Tue Jan 3 02:05:40 AST 2006

> If I could locate a press, I could make my own if I could find the
> casings. :)

Given the popularity of Lunenburg pudding and sausage along the south
shore, you might well be able to find casing, all nicely washed and
ready for use, at Victor Greek's:


       Tel: (902) 543-2441 
       276 A St Phillips Street, 
       Bridgewater, Lun. Co. NS B4V 1W8
       Victor Greek - President
       Audrey Greek - Secretary 

We made Lunenburg pudding when we kept pigs and IIRC we got the casing
from Victor.  Years ago, though.

- Mike

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