[nSLUG] Root Partition Woes

David Potter dlpotter at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 15 12:37:07 AST 2006

Hi Rowan,

My first suspicion would be log files gone wild... if that doesn't seem 
to be the problem -  maybe  try a `find `

# find  /  -type f -mtime -1 | less 

should find any files modified in the last day ( -3 would give you three 
days, etc...).

david potter
(who doesn't claim to be a `find ` expert... ;-)

Halifax Nova Scotia - Home Buyer Seminars - 

Rowan Townshend wrote:

> Hello all,
>  I am dealing with a running issue, where my server (Slackware 10.1) 
> keeps filling its root partition.  I have given it a few passes, and 
> have not noticed any especially large files held within.  This server 
> acts as a mail server (Sendmail 8.13.5), DNS (Bind 9.3.1), Web (Apache 
> 1.3.33), and MySQL (4.1.14) is in there but not really being used at 
> the moment.  The Root partition itself was defined for 1 GB of space, 
> to my knowledge this should be sufficient?
>  Is there a way that I can monitor the disk write actions to a 
> specific partition?  If such is possible, then perhaps it would shed 
> some light on what is eating up the space.
> This one has me boggled,
> -Rowan Townshend
> P.S.  Happy Valentines Day!


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