[nSLUG] Root Partition Woes

Rowan Townshend rtownshend at epicmarketing.ca
Tue Feb 14 11:35:00 AST 2006

Hello all,

  I am dealing with a running issue, where my server (Slackware 10.1) 
keeps filling its root partition.  I have given it a few passes, and 
have not noticed any especially large files held within.  This server 
acts as a mail server (Sendmail 8.13.5), DNS (Bind 9.3.1), Web (Apache 
1.3.33), and MySQL (4.1.14) is in there but not really being used at the 
moment.  The Root partition itself was defined for 1 GB of space, to my 
knowledge this should be sufficient?

  Is there a way that I can monitor the disk write actions to a specific 
partition?  If such is possible, then perhaps it would shed some light 
on what is eating up the space.

This one has me boggled,
-Rowan Townshend

P.S.  Happy Valentines Day!


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