[nSLUG] Keep loosing internet connection

J. Paul Bissonnette jpaulb at eastlink.ca
Mon Feb 13 07:33:35 AST 2006

J. Paul Bissonnette wrote:

> I have a "Devolo Microlink Lan Router" connected to Eastlinks cable 
> modem. I
> have been loosing the internet connection more often than I think is 
> warranted, some days
> like 2 - 3 times, then maybe not for a day or so. . Eastlink claims 
> that their cable modem tests good and
> that the problem probably is with my router.
> Is there anyway of testing this?
Can you believe it I haven't lost the connection since almost a week? Is 
this the Dentist syndrome? :)


J. Paul Bissonnette


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