[nSLUG] older SPARC Ultra10 and xorg.conf - take 2

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Feb 8 01:32:12 AST 2006

I dunno if it's relevant, but that section of the config file you
posted has the character pair 0x81 0xa0 in place of all indent space
characters, i.e. spaces at the beginning of a line.  Those non-ASCII
chars were elided in Donald's reply.

Donald opined:

> I suggest running Xorg -configure and let that generate a config file.
> Assuming it knows what is the best syntax, it might show "keyboard"
> should now be "kbd" or something like that.

Well, my xorg.conf has:

    Driver	"kbd"

in the keyboard section, FWIW.  But I have Slackware on Intel, not Sun.

- Mike

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