[nSLUG] Debian on SPARC - keyboard problem

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 22:24:34 AST 2006


I'm reading "login screen" to mean you are normally running
some sort of display manager : gdm, xdm or something like it.

I don't know for certain but it is likely that 'testing' is
using X.org rather than XFree86.  If you can ssh in, you could
shutdown the display manager.

e.g.: /etc/init.d/xdm stop

To prevent this catch-22 in the first place, one could have installed
rcconf package and use rcconf to ensure a display manager
does not start up automatically until the X package transition
is tested and completed.

There are some changes needed in xorg.conf to support the Sun keyboard.
I recall going through that transition when I used to run Gentoo on
Sparc.  The rc.conf probably needs this:


While the xorg.conf probably needs this:

Section "InputDevice"
        Identifier  "Keyboard0"
        Driver      "kbd"
        Option          "CoreKeyboard"
        Option          "XkbModel"      "type5"
        Option          "XkbLayout"     "en_US"
        Option          "XkbGeometry"   "sun(type5)"

I say probably because xorg was going through transitions itself
and depending on the version you might need "keyboard" rather than
"kbd", etc.


On 2/5/06, ricardd at mathstat.dal.ca <ricardd at mathstat.dal.ca> wrote:
> Hello,
> At the InstallFest yesterday I brought my older Sun Ultra10 box. It ran
> Debian stable and I was interested in moving to Debian testing. So I did
> the proposed updates and upgrades with an appropriate sources.list:
> # apt-get update
> # apt-get -t stable upgrade
> # apt-get -t stable dist-upgrade
> # apt-get -t testing upgrade
> # apt-get -t testing dist-upgrade
> The machine churned most of the night and the upgrade to testing seemed
> complete this morning.
> However, now the Sun mouse and keyboards are not recognised and I can't do
> anything at the login screen. It's bizarre since the keyboard keys are OK
> at the boot prompt but not at the login screen.
> Are there arguments that I can use at the boot prompt to fix this?
> Otherwise, what can I do?
> Cheers,
> Dan

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