[nSLUG] Palm TX sync with jpilot??

Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Thu Dec 28 01:37:23 AST 2006

On Wed, 2006-12-27 at 17:43 -0400, J. Paul Bissonnette wrote:
> OOPs foot in mouth disease again, was thinking of some other prog that 
> acted as a plug-in for Jpilot. I did try this with a different failure. 
> I am running LTSP wireless thin client on a structured network. I 
> honestly do not know that much about networking, the difference in 
> set-up between an Ad-Hoc and a structured net work. This would be nice, 
> no USB.
> What is my main wish is to be able to sync the Palm with the database in 
> OpenOffice, preferably without evolution or installing KDE.

I wish I had a Palm to play with the connection (maybe one day) to help
you out.  

I did a few searches, here are a few more interesting apps that may
work.  It shows a few more apps for Palms.


Here is a decent site that explains wireless 


Hope this helps.  


I got one of those USB lan dongles to work in Linux. 
Not bad, but I found the range kind of sux.  It wasn't mine, a friend
asked me to configure their PC for Linux.  If anyone has to install
these, get the latest driver and all works fine.

I've also been busy with a new camera, works nice on Linux - literally
plug and play these days.  gphoto2 and libphoto2 are great tools!  :)
Many of the new cameras are using the PTP interface.


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