Daryl MacDonald dgmacd at eastlink.ca
Fri Dec 15 22:40:01 AST 2006

Oliver Doepner wrote:
> Hi there!
> I want to run Linux on a Dell Dimension XPS 1450 machine. It has only 
> 128MB of RAM so I want to give it some more memory.
> I'm looking for PC100 SDRAM, 168pin, 100MHz components.
> It has 3 slots. Currently there is one 128MB component and the other 2 
> slots are free. According to the Dell manual memory components with up 
> to 256MB each can be used and different sizes can be mixed.
> It would be great if anyone has some suitable 64MB, 128MB or 256MB 
> modules for sale or donation. :)
> I live in Halifax and have a bicycle so I can only pick up things 
> within  the city.
> thank you
> Oliver
Wish I had seen this before I left work, I've got a pair of 128s that 
won't work in my system and a few 64s and a whole bunch of 32s. 
Unfortunately I can't get them now until monday when I go back to work. 
Downside is I live in Spryfield and work till 9pm but let me know if you 
want them and I'll see about getting them to you.


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