[nSLUG] "system-config-packages" package manager in Redhat sucks

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 16:20:17 AST 2006


I'm having difficulty remembering exactly how it looked and
behaved, but my memory of gnorpm back in RH 7.3 was
that it ran fairly intelligent package selection and dependancy

Today I saw the wizard oriented system-config-packages
and it was a hassle and disappointment.

- It had problems detecting when the CD was inserted,
- It asked for CDs to be inserted multiple times with a
  large group of packages to install,
- It was unable to auto-resolve dependancies and suggest
  installing them with a simple "OK" or "yes" prompt,
- It lost changes done under the package group "Details"
  sublist after getting a complaint about the dependancies

Is there another package management front end in/from
Redhat that works better?


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