[nSLUG] Redhat and minimal X-less install

Jack Warkentin jwark at eastlink.ca
Wed Dec 13 10:23:07 AST 2006

Hi Everybody

I had just the opposite problem with Kubuntu 6.06 AMD64 version on my 
laptop. I had spent hours using the live-CD and parted getting my 
disk re-partitioned the way I wanted it, and when I clicked on the 
"instal" icon on the desktop discovered that Reiserfs was *not* one 
of the file system types that I was allowed to specify for my file 
systems. (There was a drop-down list, which did not allow me to 
manually type in Reiserfs.)

Having RTFM'd somewhat, I clicked on the "back" icon a time or two and 
came up with a menu that allowed for much greater manual control of 
the install. (I realized later that this was the standard Debian 
"expert" install menu.) When the install was completed, was it ever 
"minimal"! No X. None of the much-vaunted Ubuntu tools to help with 
hardware detection and configuration.

Go minimalist, go Debian.



On December 12, 2006 12:32 pm, Bill Davidson wrote:

> I find it more and more difficult these days to set up a Linux
> installation without X, from *any* distribution.  For example, just
> the other day I was installing Slackware for s stripped-down file
> server.  I had a Slack-10.1 CD lying around and used that, and left
> out all the X packages.  The I installed slapt-get and used hat to
> upgrade to Slack-11.  Bad things started to happen -- like for
> example, the "groff" package contains, among other things,
> "gxditview", which is linked against X libs, so the whole package
> "depends" on X.  Of course it really doesn't, just one part of it
> which one wouldn't try use in a no-X system.

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