[nSLUG] Re: Redhat and minimal X-less install

Mike mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Dec 13 01:41:52 AST 2006

> The I installed slapt-get and used hat to upgrade to Slack-11.  Bad
> things started to happen -- like for example, the "groff" package
> contains, among other things, "gxditview", which is linked against X
> libs, so the whole package "depends" on X.  Of course it really
> doesn't, just one part of it which one wouldn't try use in a no-X
> system.

Isn't taxonomy a lovely problem?  gxditview obviously belongs in some
kind of X-utilities package.  Except that it isn't obvious, of course,
to anyone who happens not to think about the right aspects.  I was
just thinking about this today because I was in John Doull's book shop
looking for a book recommended to me but about which I knew nothing
but the title & author.  The book I was looking for might have
classified in any of JD's Literature, Thrillers, Detective, SciFi or
Teen/Youth sections, depending on what the guy doing intake had for
breakfast that day, POTM etc.

I suppose the answer is to spend a few (for variable values of "few")
hours putting together YASPLD [1] that has exactly what you need
packaged in just the way you like it.

Ho hum. :-)

> But then, this whole "package dependency" thing is still pretty new to
> Slackware :) 

I haven't encountered that yet.  My last upgrade was from Slak 8 to
Slak 10.1.  The upgrade utility didn't grok Slak 8, only Slak 9 so I
had to do it, so to speak, by hand anyhow.

- Mike

[1] Yet Another Special Purpose Linux Distro

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