[nSLUG] Redhat and minimal X-less install

Bill Davidson billdavidson at eastlink.ca
Tue Dec 12 12:32:55 AST 2006


I find it more and more difficult these days to set up a Linux
installation without X, from *any* distribution.  For example, just the
other day I was installing Slackware for s stripped-down file server.  I
had a Slack-10.1 CD lying around and used that, and left out all the X
packages.  The I installed slapt-get and used hat to upgrade to
Slack-11.  Bad things started to happen -- like for example, the "groff"
package contains, among other things, "gxditview", which is linked
against X libs, so the whole package "depends" on X.  Of course it
really doesn't, just one part of it which one wouldn't try use in a no-X

But then, this whole "package dependency" thing is still pretty new to
Slackware :) 

On Mon, 2006-12-11 at 20:06 -0400, D G Teed wrote:
> It has been awhile since I've used Redhat and
> in those days I always ran X on it.
> For a server in debian I'd do a minimal install,
> and then add packages as I please.
> In Redhat Enterprise I saw a reference to the package 
> management running in terminal mode, but the
> RPM for it has X-related dependancies.
> Has anyone been able to set up a server without
> X-Windows and add packages with deep dependancies
> after the install?
> Is it just me, or is Disk Druid wacky with renaming
> partition numbers as extended partitions are added?
> It took me awhile to set up mirrored disks the
> way I wanted, due to the odd shuffling it does.
> --Donald 
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