[nSLUG] Re Linux Distros

Bill Davidson billdavidson at eastlink.ca
Mon Dec 4 14:20:46 AST 2006

I also used that distro for a while, to run a commercial application
that would only run on that or RedHat.  I agree that it is quite decent,
and certainly cost-effective compared to RHE.  However, I only ran it on
vanilla hardware.

The installation was pretty painless as I recall, and it was easy to
configure a bare-bones server with very few "extra" services running.

On Mon, 2006-12-04 at 13:25 -0400, Jim Haliburton wrote:
> We have been using Centos since verison 3.x and have found it works well 
> in the server room.  Has recognized every piece of hardware including 
> some raid arrays correctly.  Also recently installed it on an Intel S5000 
> based current generation Xeon based M/B. SATA based mirroring.  Broke the 
> mirror and rebuilt as a test.
> Testing in this latter config continues, but it will be our OS for the 
> next couple of years.  Will be buying the RAID 5 key from Intel for the 
> next set of testing.
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