[nSLUG] More on deja vu with X Windows/Debian prob

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Mon Aug 21 01:32:35 ADT 2006

D G Teed <donald.teed at gmail.com> wrote: Hi,

There exist some monitor/graphics card situations
where it isn't set up ideally by the auto-configuration
scripts.  In these cases, you must hand edit the
XFree86.conf or Xorg.conf file in /etc/X11 .

How do you discover the magic it needs
to run X OK?

1. Look in the error log for Xorg or XFree86.  It will
appear in /var/log.  Scan through the output of
the log file looking for lines begining with (EE)
(means error) or (WW) means warning.  These are
clues as to what the X session didn't like, leading
to it bombing out.

2. Google for the config file name and your brand
and model of notebook, or the monitor,
graphics card, etc.  This will point you to hints of
what others found did and didn't work.  I've seen
many cases where simply removing bad
horizontal and vertical refresh rates allowed X
to run where it had failed before with
auto-configured values.


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This is an excellent tutorial Donald.
 In my case I cheat a little and keep a copy of my "/etc/X11/Xorg.conf" ( If I remember correctly ) in my Yahoo online -email account and just replace the broken one with a copy and paste in /etc/X11/"
Same thing if it is"  XFree...". Name the old one ".../old" in case I want to preserve it and go on with one that I know works.

Now you can have a huge leap forward in email: get the new Yahoo! Mail. 

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