[nSLUG] Sarge-->Etch-->Sarge and weirdness.

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Thu Aug 17 08:05:57 ADT 2006

Robert Ashley wrote:
> My etch installation (netinstall CD) stopped in its tracks. Can't find
> Ethnernet card and no matches in their list. Can't find scsi drives
> and no matches in their list.

What ethernet card and scsi controller do you have?

>   It seemed ironic to me that their
> instruction was to go load drivers from a floppy when the installation
> says that etch i386 installations can no longer be done from a floppy.

To be fair, installing from floppy and loading drivers from floppy are
two different things.  It is a major hassle to continue to maintain the
install from floppy option, whereas just loading extra drivers from
floppy is no trouble at all to support.

> But get this, I remove the etch CD, boot into Sarge and the mouse that
> didn't work....NOW works.  Weird.  I suspect it was my not seating the
> plug properly or something goofy-ditzy like that.  I ain't
> complaining.

Er?  You didn't accidentally install some Etch materials over on top of
your Sarge install, did you?

> So now I've got a functional Sarge, and unlike the etch installer,
> Sarge found the ethernet card, found the scsi drives no probs.

Are those PCI devices?  What's the lspci -v output for them?  Which
kernel version are you using on Sarge (cat /proc/version)?



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