[nSLUG] Sarge-->Etch-->Sarge and weirdness.

Robert Ashley rb.ashley at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 22:04:22 ADT 2006

My etch installation (netinstall CD) stopped in its tracks. Can't find
Ethnernet card and no matches in their list. Can't find scsi drives
and no matches in their list.  It seemed ironic to me that their
instruction was to go load drivers from a floppy when the installation
says that etch i386 installations can no longer be done from a floppy.

But get this, I remove the etch CD, boot into Sarge and the mouse that
didn't work....NOW works.  Weird.  I suspect it was my not seating the
plug properly or something goofy-ditzy like that.  I ain't

So now I've got a functional Sarge, and unlike the etch installer,
Sarge found the ethernet card, found the scsi drives no probs.




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