[nSLUG] Re:..shell command output AND input to text file [was] got one mouse working -

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Wed Aug 16 09:25:50 ADT 2006

Robert Ashley wrote:
> Do you know if the Etch installer is different, newer or improved  or
> quirky? Any caveats?

I have zero experience with it.  But I hear there's a new beta release
of the whiz-bang graphical installer for etch:


I tend not to do new installs of Debian because I have perpetually
upgraded, ever since I first installed it both at home and at the
office, even across major hardware upgrades.  Reinstalling from scratch,
something other OS users are sadly well acquainted with, is the
exception rather than the rule with Debian.



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