[nSLUG] Re:..shell command output AND input to text file [was] got one mouse working -

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Wed Aug 16 08:48:48 ADT 2006

Robert Ashley wrote:
> I  don't have XOrg but instead XF86, which I'm confused about since I
> was under the impressin that Debian had migrated away from XF86 to
> XOrg.

You said you're using Sarge, right?  Etch & Sid have XOrg.  Sarge still
has XFree86 and never will have XOrg.  Once Debian releases a new stable
release, nothing new is added to it.  Point releases only contain fixes
for security problems and serious breakage.  That's what makes "stable"

If you need or want XOrg, you want to be running Etch.  If you don't
want to run Etch because it's not stable yet, you'll have to wait for
its release at the end of this year:




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