[nSLUG] Re: Progress!! [More on deja vu with X Windows/Debian prob]

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Aug 16 01:54:54 ADT 2006

sg> Do not edit the X config by hand unless you really need to. Use the
sg> distro's built in tools.

Rich> Learning is fun :)  
Rich> Just save copies and more copies before playing.

Yeah.  I've been editing the X config file since Day 1.  At one point,
I had to fetch a special version of the server that would run on i810,
another time to downgrade to an earlier version to support old

And AFAIK, there is no distro built-in tool in Slackware to config X.
I have Slak 10.1 running on 7 machines and have hit only one problem
that completely stumped me. (One P-II machine will not run X with a
PS/2 mouse despite PS/2 mouse port on mobo.  Tried everything,
incantations, dead chicken, boot to the head etc.)

Rich> Yes to all, except the modes - these are needed if you want custom
Rich> modes.  A lot of times, the higher resolutions are not created
Rich> automatically.  
Rich> modes are not the same as modelines :)

Yeah, I did know that. I was imprecise.

Rich> I think the default these days is 1024x768...

That's what I use for a fair tradeoff between increased screen real
estate and large font sizes. (I tend to sit fairly far from the

Rich> Xorg is MANY MANY times easier than the old 3.x days.

Must be.  I haven't hit nearly as many snags recently as earlier on. 

> Also, using TTF fonts....Xorg has gotten better at handling TTF font
> files - less crashes. I used to run the Xfont service that way, you
> just recycle the service, and X doesn't blow out.  No need to do
> that these days. There have been many improvements. :)

I never got X fonts sorted out so I understood what was going on.  I
should do that.  I have fonts that suit me for a 19" monitor but most
of my machines have 15" or oldish laptop monitors and I think I
*ought* to be able to get an arrangement that I like better than what I
have.  I don't actually know if Slackware comes with all the available
fonts (for more or less Roman characters) or some convenient subset.  

Tnx for the replies,
- Mike

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