[nSLUG] new Sarge, no X

Oliver Doepner odoepner at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 13:32:12 ADT 2006


The command

apt-get install gnome-desktop-environment

from the command line will install everything needed for gnome. No X, 
gdm or synaptics is needed before hand.

The command for configuring any package in a Debian-based system is
dpkg-reconfigure <pkg-name>. For X the package is xserver-xfree86 or 

An easy way to see whether your graphics hardware is supported at all
might be a Debian-based Live-CD with good hardware detection like
Knoppix or Kanotix.

Is there any particular reason why you want Debian stable and not Ubuntu?


Jack Warkentin wrote:
> By the way, during the install, were you asked to configure X? I know 
> I was, and if you did not do this, you will have to do it by running 
> the xorg configuration utility, whose name I can't remember.
> To solve the problem I first did an
> apt-get install gdm
> where gdm is the gnome display manager. (You should check in the 
> file /var/lib/dpkg/status that package gdm is *not* installed first.) 
> On the next bootup, the login screen was the gdm display manager 
> screen. From this screen before logging in you need to go into the 
> "session" menu (I think it is) and choose a window manager. In my 
> case there were two already installed by the network install process, 
> twm and fvwm (if I remember correctly). Having selected a window 
> manager, log in in the usual way and you should get a minimal 
> desktop.
>>From there I used the menu that was available from the window manager. 
> (I think I chose twm, and to get the menu I had to right click on the 
> root window.) I brought up synaptic, the package manager application. 
> Using synaptic, I was able to install KDE. You should be able to 
> install gnome in the same way. After installing your favourite 
> desktop system, log out again, use the gdm "session" menu item again 
> to select your preferred desktop environment, and then log in again. 
> You should now be in the desktop environment that you just selected. 
> If not, try rebooting. If this doesn't work then your problem is more 
> complex than mine was.
> Regards
> Jack



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