[nSLUG] Adaptec raid controller 29320ALP-R and debian installer

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 06:17:15 ADT 2006


Thanks for the response on that Mike.  It mirrors
some of the info I read on minus-9.com.

I've since found that this isn't a truely hardware RAID card.
Some sites and forums mention HostRAID is partly
a software driver run on CPU power.

I also learned that HostRAID has binary module support only.
The so-called "Linux Driver Source Code" has nothing
to build a320raid module.

While it is likely possible to extract the needed a320raid module
from the Adaptec provided Redhat RPM and mkinitrd
for Debian, I'm thinking that it would be a pain for long
term maintenance of the kernel.

In this case, as the card arrived after deciding
on a migration to Debian for the host machine, I may
go with software RAID, as the write hits are light and
reading is light to moderate.

I see a nice list of Adaptec RAID cards in aacraid.txt
under the kernel documentation.  I am thinking
these have true hardware RAID, pure GPL kernel
support, and won't have any of the gotchas of
the half-RAID 29320ALP-R .  Am I wrong on that?

While we are at it, are there any binary modules or
other constraints on SCSI RAID cards with a megaraid



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