[nSLUG] dd-wrt

Oliver Doepner o.doepner at web.de
Thu Aug 10 19:46:46 ADT 2006


I want to thank everybody who answered my questions concerning Linux 
firmware for Linksys WRT54GL.

I think I will try DD-WRT because of the GUI. I don't want to tinker too 
much with the firmware so I think the all-in-one approach of DD-WRT is 
good for me.

The modularity of OpenWRT is certainly an interesting aspect and I might 
look into that if I feel that DD-WRT uses too many resources or has 
other significant drawbacks.


Eric J Russell wrote:
> I looked at the features offered on the other firmwares, dd-wrt seems to 
> be the best, although i'm sure the others have their uses and could be 
> very solid firmwares...ymmv


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