[nSLUG] Adaptec raid controller 29320ALP-R and debian installer

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at gmail.com
Thu Aug 10 17:57:02 ADT 2006

(D G Teed writes of trying to make a custom Debian installer to
support Adaptec Raid)

I haven't worked with that Raid card, but I do have some experience
with rolling custom initrd images.  These are required if you need to
load a module before you can mount your root filesystem, and the
module you need is not in the distribution's default initrd.

The initrd is a small ramdisk filesystem that has the needed modules
and a script to insert them into the kernel.

I've been meaning for months to write a HOWTO, but haven't done it
yet.  If you like, I will outline the steps you need.

You can *install* without a custom initrd if you boot your
installation CD, start a shell session, insert a floppy with your
module and then insmod it.  But you won't be able to boot the system
you installed if your root filesystem's block device requires the
module.  For that you'll need the custom initrd.

In my case I am able to run Fedora Core 4 from an external USB drive.
I just had to roll an initrd with the drivers needed to access my


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