[nSLUG] Give aways

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Mon Aug 7 20:42:46 ADT 2006

Hello all:

Am clearing out the office of older RAM.

I have a bundles of 30 pin SIMM and 72 Pin SIMM memory.

These are from very out of date hardware.  If you have any of this 
"Legacy" hardware needing either of these two types of memory it is 
available for free.

Call me 902 499-5250

I will keep this around until about the 12 th of August.  If no takers by 
then, the men in the big blue ( or red or green or whatever ) truck will 
willingly take it to the landfill.

Jim Haliburton

James A. Haliburton
On-Site Computer Services of Halifax
Suite 100, 25 Walton Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada     B3N 1X6
Cell/Pager  : (902)499-5250
Home/Office : (902)477-8342
e-mail      : jim at on-site.ns.ca

Please avoid sending me Microsoft Office attachments.


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