[nSLUG] Configuring Aliant High Speed under Linux

Rory rory at unixism.org
Thu Apr 20 11:33:23 ADT 2006

Craig MacEachern wrote:

> Now that I'm past that embarassingly simple problem of booting the
> system, I'm stuck trying to find a way to connect to the net with
> Aliant's High Speed Service.
> Aliant went PPPoE some time ago, and now requires a name and pass
> (which I have of course, I'm using it now on WinXP SP2)
> From my tech manual, I found a section on setting up Aliant with Mac
> OS X and 9.X, but no Linux help(no surprise, I'm not even going to
> bother calling them to ask-- I've tried that before).
> Now, the manual says we are just to set the card to dhcp (check!), to
> open a web browser and to enter the address:
> <> which will supposedly bring up the modem's built
> in "Home Networking Gateway" where you can enter your name, pass, and
> connect. The problem is, this address doesn't work, nothing comes up
> in windows or linux. Maybe they've just updated the address?
> The reason I think you connect to this address in Mac OS X, 9.X, and
> I'm guessing Linux, is because Aliant has no programs made for these
> OS's. For windows, you just pop in a cd, install a file and you run an
> .exe that sends your name/pass, and you're connected (This is probably
> old news to most of you, but I'm guessing some here are using Roger's
> cable).
> I'll be using Ubuntu for this. Here is my config:
> Comcast 301 modem
> Realtek built-in NIC (Ubuntu detects and activates this without a hitch)

I sounds like you're reading instructions for modem + home
gateway/firewall but your config is modem-only.  So, you'll need to use
a pppoe client as others have suggested.
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