[nSLUG] Configuring Aliant High Speed under Linux

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Thu Apr 20 00:42:44 ADT 2006

On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 03:26:22AM -0300, Craig MacEachern wrote:
> Now that I'm past that embarassingly simple problem of booting the system, I'm
> stuck trying to find a way to connect to the net with Aliant's High Speed
> Service.

Does Aliant use PPPoE? Do you have a regular modem, or a
router/firewall modem?

If you need to use PPPoE and have a regular modem then on Debian based
distros use "pppoeconf" once to configure pppoe.

The following commands bring the interface up and down. 
   pon dsl-provider
   poff dsl-provider

ifup/ifdown might work as well.

dsl-provider is the name of a config file in /etc/ppp/peers not
"sympatico" or something similar. If you rename it then change the
argument to pon and poff.

you don't need to use any dhcpclient such as "pump". The ethernet
interface needs to be up. I can't remember if this is handled
automagically or not. The following command can be used to bring the
interface up without and IP address:

ifconfig <eth> up

The above is all from memory I have not used pppoe in years and I have
never been an Aliant/sympatico customer.



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