[nSLUG] Configuring Aliant High Speed under Linux

Jack Warkentin jwark at eastlink.ca
Wed Apr 19 08:30:08 ADT 2006

Hi Craig

On April 19, 2006 03:26 am, you wrote:

> Now, the manual says we are just to set the card to dhcp (check!),

Before your NIC can communicate with the modem it must have an IP 
address. Guessing from what the address of the computer end of the 
modem is, it will probably be something like But --- the 
NIC has to use DHCP to obtain this from the modem.

How to do this will depend on your operating system's setup, 
especially the DHCP client it uses and the commands it uses to bring 
up the interface cards. I took Kubuntu off my laptop because I had 
some issues with it, but if I remember correctly it has two shell 
scripts called ifdown and ifup. Try issuing (as root)

ifdown eth0

and then

ifup eth0

There's a good chance that this will bring up the NIC with the IP 
address installed. To check this, issue

ifconfig eth0

If the NIC has been brought up correctly the output of ifconfig will 
indicate the NIC's IP address. Be sure to check for the inet addr, 
not the inet6 addr, which will be there even if the NIC did *not* get 
it's IP correctly.

If that doesn't work have a look in /etc/network and its 
subdirectories - I am assuming that Ubuntu keeps the basic directory 
structure that Debian uses. With luck you will find out what DHCP 
client that Ubuntu uses. My Libranet 3.0 Debian-based distro uses 
pump. The command to get the card to ask the modem for the IP address 
would then be

pump -i eth0

Again, check with ifconfig.

Once ifconfig says that your NIC has an IP you can proceed to the next 

> to open a web browser and to enter the address: which
> will supposedly bring up the modem's built in "Home Networking
> Gateway" where you can enter your name, pass, and connect. The
> problem is, this address doesn't work, nothing comes up in windows
> or linux. Maybe they've just updated the address?
> I'll be using Ubuntu for this. Here is my config:
> Comcast 301 modem
> Realtek built-in NIC (Ubuntu detects and activates this without a
> hitch) 

Hope this helps. If not, indicate what happens and some one will try 



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