[nSLUG] Configuring Aliant High Speed under Linux

Craig MacEachern whiskey.fuelled at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 03:26:22 ADT 2006

Now that I'm past that embarassingly simple problem of booting the system,
I'm stuck trying to find a way to connect to the net with Aliant's High
Speed Service.

Aliant went PPPoE some time ago, and now requires a name and pass (which I
have of course, I'm using it now on WinXP SP2)

>From my tech manual, I found a section on setting up Aliant with Mac OS X
and 9.X, but no Linux help(no surprise, I'm not even going to bother calling
them to ask-- I've tried that before).

Now, the manual says we are just to set the card to dhcp (check!), to open a
web browser and to enter the address: which will supposedly
bring up the modem's built in "Home Networking Gateway" where you can enter
your name, pass, and connect. The problem is, this address doesn't work,
nothing comes up in windows or linux. Maybe they've just updated the

The reason I think you connect to this address in Mac OS X, 9.X, and I'm
guessing Linux, is because Aliant has no programs made for these OS's. For
windows, you just pop in a cd, install a file and you run an .exe that sends
your name/pass, and you're connected (This is probably old news to most of
you, but I'm guessing some here are using Roger's cable).

I'll be using Ubuntu for this. Here is my config:

Comcast 301 modem
Realtek built-in NIC (Ubuntu detects and activates this without a hitch)

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