[nSLUG] Re: nSLUG Digest, Vol 27, Issue 7

Craig MacEachern whiskey.fuelled at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 13:10:37 ADT 2006

Thanks for all the help folks, I've gotten more answers and help here than
I've found searching forums and google for weeks. What I've tried recently,
and other tidbits:

Updated the BIOS(no help)

Made sure there are no IRQs shared (ethernet, sound, and video are all
onboard - Video card is Intel Extreme i845GV, which I found in the official
manual) (no help)

Tried all the text booting options I could find on the cds (noprobe, rescue,
noddc, forcing resolutions, and others, in a few different distros,
including trying Live Cds)

Use memcheck86 from the Fedora install cd to check if it might be bad RAM
(even though Win XP SP2 works fine for me and the computer has never hung
when booting)

Found that the motherboard doesn't have an AGP slot (definitely not good
news) It looks more and more the option is to find a pci card and use that
(i don't need a new fancy card, I'm not into gaming)

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