[nSLUG] Re: Multi-distribution install problem

daryl macdonald dgmacd at eastlink.ca
Thu Apr 13 02:39:12 ADT 2006

Donald Teed wrote:
> On 4/11/06, *daryl macdonald* <dgmacd at eastlink.ca 
> <mailto:dgmacd at eastlink.ca>> wrote:
>     >I'm not sure on the cause of the reboots but I've got an HP
>     system here
>     >with onboard Intel i810 video system and I've been running Ubuntu
>     5.10
>     >with no problems at all so I don't think it's the video card per se.
> I've seen some odd things with same hardware in different revs
> or in different motherboards, so I have to disagree with that.
> I've also seen dramatic differences in system stability
> between one revision of a broadcom network wireless
> mini-PCI device and the next revision up.  So, yes, everything
> that is different can matter a great deal.
> At least if it isn't a notebook you have more flexibility.
> --Donald

I've seen some weird things as well on pretty much identical systems 
under windows, I was simply saying that blaming it just on the onboard 
video didn't seem right just simply cause it was onboard and intel i810. 
Could be a combination of the firmware, motherboard revision, amount of 
ram to the video card or any other issue. I was just saying that the 
version I had was working fine but like everything, what works for me 
may not work for you.


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