[nSLUG] Multi-distribution install problem

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 20:25:41 ADT 2006

Its the video driver not being probable for X.

In knoppix you can boot to text only mode by telling it
to run at init level 2 on the KNOPPIX options line.

Check what boot options exist for your particular
CDROM. It might be "rescue" or "single" to bring you
to a mode that isn't a graphical interface.  Then
run lspci and check the hardware ID of the VGA.

I've seen this sort of problem before from Intel video.
It wasn't possible to resolve at the time (for any distro)
and we returned the hardware to vendor and said "try again".

You may have to install a video card to get around this,
or if you are not in love with the system, return it for
something that is better supported in Linux.  Hardware
vendors have to get the message that people expect
hardware support in Linux.  Until companies like Compaq
and Intel put down Linux drivers on the requirements
in the same way they won't except devices having
no Windows drivers, this won't change.

If you are lucky, the hardware is supported in Linux, but
it just isn't automatically probed and configured on the fly.
In that case, manually setting up your Xorg.conf file
will be needed.

In the case of our institution, because we needed
4500 of the same machine, and 300 would be running
Linux, it meant Intel lost a sale of 4500 units rather than
just the 300 that would be running Linux.

I worked for a software developer in Toronto that failed
to understand this relationship.  They saw that 15%
of sales were for Unix and Mac, and dropped them to
focus efforts on Windows.  That caused sales
to plummet 40%, because anyone needing
multi-platform support was a big customer that bought
dozens of software licenses, and they wanted one
software solution that worked across platforms.


On 4/10/06, Craig MacEachern <whiskey.fuelled at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm using a Compaq Presario model number SR1110NX (512 MB ram, 2.4 Ghz
> Celeron processor). I've tried 3 different distributions: Redhat Fedora Core
> 5, Ubuntu 5.10, and Debian 3.1 (Sarge).
> My problem is that when I boot from the install cds, after I try to enter
> the main install stage the computer reboots everytime. I get past the
> loading initz, and it says Kernel loaded ok, then I think it may be trying
> to initialize the monitor and it fails. I've tried advanced starts by
> specifying no probes, and vga mode, and every other mode possible that is
> listed under the f1 help menus. Still the same problem.
> I've checked the md5 checksum on each cd, and they are ok so the cds
> aren't bad (I'm burning at 4x too). I've checked bios settings and made sure
> that it only boots off cd and checks for nothing else. I have windows xp
> installed, if that may be a problem?
> Any ideas on the cause of the rebooting? If you need any other information
> at all I'll gladly find out, I'm frustrated and close to giving up.
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