[nSLUG] Re: Mail movement issue

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Sep 29 19:29:03 ADT 2005

I hesitate to post on this because others know a lot more than I do.
But FWIW...

I don't think you need the AUTH feature unless Eatslink has explicitly
told you that it's required.

I use the sendmail mailertable feature.  I have two ISPs and I have to
smarthost through the server belonging to the one I'm dialed into at
the time.

So I have two versions of mailertable and mailertable.db in
/etc/mail/hidden.  My dialer script swaps the correct pair into
/etc/mail when I dial in.  Works fine.  But I *don't* have any
complicated setup, no other users, no port 25 exposed to the net; just
two usernames on one machine that send mail.

And I reverted my Slak 10.1 to sendmail 8.11.4 from the distributed
8.13.3 because the newer version had stuff -- I now forget what --
that appeared to be an unneccessary nuisance to configure.

- Mike


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