[nSLUG] mail be directed to junk folder

George White aa056 at chebucto.ns.ca
Thu Sep 29 17:53:40 ADT 2005

Quoting Rolana Johnson <rolanaj at yahoo.com>:

> I have been getting mail from NSLUG at yahoo for quite
> a while now and never had a problem all of a sudden
> some of the mail from the list is being directed to
> the junk mail folder.  It seems to be only certain
> ones though others are getting through just fine. 
> Anyone else have this problem?

Can you check the message headers?  It might help if you could bounce or
redirect the messages thru a system where you have control of the spam filter
to investigate the problem.

My (aa056, gnw3) usernames gets spamassassin points because they end in a
number, so now I try to use gnwiii  (the lawyers tell me the "3" is important
so I don't get stuck with some other "George White's" depts. -- I have to be
able to prove that I have never "used" plain "George White").  Mail with bogus
headers (e.g., date off by 24 hours) also gets points.

On Chebucto Community Net for the past couple weeks quite a few list messages
(WGBH, ACM, and fedora-core) have been ending up in my JUNKMAIL folder, most
because spamassassin's BAYES_90=4.5 combined with a few low scoring hits than
push the total over 5.  Not counting several thousand virus messages a day, my
false positive rate is on the order of 5%, but more than 5% manage to get SA
scores of 4.999.

George N. White III
Head of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia


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