[nSLUG] Mail movement issue

Rowan Townshend rtownshend at emslimited.ca
Thu Sep 29 14:30:19 ADT 2005

Hello again,

  Something that stands out regarding the issue is this, I have a 
Hotmail account and I can successfully send from my server account to 
there no problem.  I tested this both through the web interface as well 
as in Outlook Express.  However, other people in the office are having 
problems if they send to their own Hotmail accounts if they use programs 
like Outlook XP or ThunderBird (using equivilant settings to OE in each 
instance).  The same issue manifests when attempting to mail DAL.  
That's not to say that "Go Outlook Express!" is the answer, as even that 
avenue closes for certain domains.  I am still compiling a list of 
problem domains, perhapses my mail server is not providing proper 
credentials for some reason?

-Rowan Townshend


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