[nSLUG] Mail movement issue

Rowan Townshend rtownshend at emslimited.ca
Wed Sep 28 17:33:09 ADT 2005

Hello all,

  I'm still at the server project, and I've come across another 
problem.  The server seems to have problems sending mail to places like 
Hotmail and Dal, mail is arriving fine from those domains.  Now, when 
Hotmail first came up I instantly thought "SenderID".  So I do some 
digging online and eventually come across this site: 
http://spf.pobox.com/  I generated some entries for my DNS entry (stored 
on the server) and put them in.  Now instead of not being able to send 
mail to those domains at all, I can sometimes/sometimes not send mail 
there.  Perhaps I am missing something in the way of protocol to 
distinguish my server from a spammer?  Would I be better off if I went 
with a MTA like Postfix instead of Sendmail?

Dell PowerEdge SC-1420
Slackware Linux 10.1
Kernel: 2.4.29
Sendmail: 8.13.5

-Rowan Townshend


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