[nSLUG] Static IP woes

Jason Kenney jason at ohm.ath.cx
Wed Sep 21 15:01:35 ADT 2005

> I was just looking for a simple example that wasn't
> a server farm. In the old days you could use cbc.ca <http://cbc.ca>
> Heck in the old days ping was a good test with DNS,
> but now you have to be sure a site responds to pings.

No, you don't.

My dsl router blocks all the pings, but I can still test if my dyndns is 
up to date:

jason at skool ~ $ ping ohm.ath.cx
PING ohm.ath.cx ( 56(84) bytes of data.

I don't actually need to see the ICMP replies to know that my dns is 
working in this case.

If it doesn't resolve,

jason at skool ~ $ ping tdfhlkg.net
ping: unknown host tdfhlkg.net

ping tells you that too.

Perhaps there are better more capable tools, but ping is sufficient to 
quickly test if your DNS setup is right for most people.



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