[nSLUG] Static IP woes

Rowan Townshend rtownshend at emslimited.ca
Tue Sep 20 14:15:43 ADT 2005

Hello all,

  I'm setting up a brand new server (running Slackware 10.1), and I 
planning on running all kinds of services through it (web, mail, DNS, 
etc...).  So I told the higher ups that I would need a static IP to 
point all of this stuff at, out in the world.  They got the static IP 
from Eastlink (the ISP for our office), and so far I have yet to be able 
to get the numbers to take without cutting access to the rest of the 
Internet for my office (including the router itself).

  We run a wireless network in our office, the router is a Linksys 2.4 
GHz Wireless G (Model#: WRT54G) running the latest Linksys firmware.  
The server (Dell PowerEdge SC-1420) is connected with a length of 
networking cable to the router.  Then a bit of network cable goes from 
the router to the cable modem Eastlink supplies (Motorola Surfboard).

  Laying in the numbers (I confirmed them already with Eastlink) was a 
simple enough task, I even went looking to see if I missed anything (EG: 
.  No luck however.  As soon as the info is put in, we lose the external 
connection (the internal LAN remains active.)

  We have even tried a different router all together (SMC) and still no 
go with the same symptoms.

  Has anyone on the list had similar troubles with Eastlink and Static IPs?

-Rowan Townshend


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