[nSLUG] Getting CPU cycles during an ARP storm

Donald Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 16:29:01 ADT 2005

I recently saw a network hit by some sort of arp flood. It was noticeable
on both Windows and Linux desktop machines running local firewalls,
as the CPU cycles were hit moderately hard and it made
the Windowing and I/O interface less responsive. I suspect it was 
software firewalls that which made the system load rise.

I'd like to consider the various ways of making a system less
vulnerable to a performance hit like this.

Some options are to replace the software firewall with a hardware one,
or to run a multiple CPU system so that one CPU takes on the firewalling
tasks. Does anyone have additional suggestions on how to allow
a system to remain useable throughout an ARP storm while
retaining a firewall?

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