[nSLUG] What kernel for inotify?

Dop Ganger nslug at fop.ns.ca
Fri Sep 16 11:09:28 ADT 2005

On Fri, 16 Sep 2005, George White wrote:

> Quoting Dop Ganger <nslug at fop.ns.ca>:
> I'm using Beagle without inotify, so the requirement isn't strick.

There was some feature (which can't have been all that important, as I 
can't remember what it was now) which needed inotify. Possibly something 
to do with ifolder integration, as that was around the same time as I was 
playing with that.

>> 2.6.12-cko2, self compiled. I suppose I really ought to look into updating
>> to a newer version, since software suspend seems to be having issues with
>> fans on ACPI...
> Not to mention the thrill of the unknown as you work out which of the 100's or
> bugs in the new version apply to you. Scanning the list of bugs in the Fedora
> fc4 kernel the vast majority are related to IDE, USB, or ACPI issues.  These are
> all areas where the hardware is diverse and often non-conforming to the
> "standards" such as they are.  Looking at the discussions of USB support it
> seems than you are much better off if you have current USB 2 hardware.  Looking
> that the discussions of IDE support will certainly encourage you to make sure
> your next system uses SCSI disks.

I very rarely get bitten by kernel bugs as I don't usually use 
distro-specific kernel compiles, and I tend to strip out everything I 
don't need. The bug I'm experiencing is a known problem where fans don't 
get re-enabled after coming out of software suspend, which isn't a major 
issue in any case - cpufreq generally keeps the cpu cool enough that the 
fans don't need to kick in.

I'm running a Compaq nc6230, which is theoretically one of the "linux 
tested" laptops from HP with everything working under Linux - in Europe 
they're available with Ubuntu, but it seems to be unobtainable over here.

> With the 2.6.12.x kernels in FC4 my biggest issue has been the time it takes
> udev to create a new /dev/ttyUSBn entry (e.g., after plugging in a USB device).

Interesting... The only problem I've seen there is it takes a few seconds 
for flash devices to settle before they're available as a device. My Palm 
comes up pretty much immediately - or at least, quickly enough that I 
don't notice any problems between putting it in the cradle and pressing 
sync, and clicking the sync button in jpilot.

> Nobody talks much about the relationship between the user community and 
> the developers.  As a user you want a stable kernel now and also next 
> year.

I'm still running 2.4 on all the servers I have that have to be stable. On 
one of my servers it's already wrapped around at 497 days, and is 
approaching its second wraparound, which should give you an idea of the 
kernel version ;->

> If you don't take some risks now by using a newer kernel and 
> reporting problems you are reducing your chances that next year's kernel 
> will work for you.

Yup. I usually don't bother reporting known problems that are being worked 
on, but there are a few patches in the kernel that I've either contributed 
to the maintainer, or pushed the maintainer into writing.

Cheers... Dop.


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