[nSLUG] What kernel for inotify?

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Fri Sep 16 10:39:10 ADT 2005

George White wrote:
> Looking
> that the discussions of IDE support will certainly encourage you to make sure
> your next system uses SCSI disks.

Linux IDE/SATA support is better then SCSI support. The majority of IDE 
controllers are Intel or VIA, and to a lesser extent Nvidia and SiS. 
All of these controllers are fully supported by Linux. The Intel and Via 
controllers are the most common and best tested chips besides the CPUs. 
The problems people run into is with the addon IDE/SATA controllers. 
Especially the psuedo raid controllers.

SCSI support is not as well tested. Also, vendors, such as Adaptec, have 
not supported Linux as well as they should.

> With the 2.6.12.x kernels in FC4 my biggest issue has been the time it takes
> udev to create a new /dev/ttyUSBn entry (e.g., after plugging in a USB device).

UDEV is an ugly ugly hack that was pushed into the kernel before UDEV 
was ready. The kernel side of UDEV may be excellent (I wouldn't know). 
The user space side of UDEV is still incomplete and packed full of shell 
script magic.


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