[nSLUG] podzilla, LinuxDS, etc

Joey Mitchell Comeau aw096 at chebucto.ns.ca
Wed Sep 14 12:20:55 ADT 2005

I don't know if there's been much talk of this on here, because I tend to
skim. I've got an iPod mini, and I've been looking at this port of uClinux
to the iPod. It looks rough, but tempting. 

http://ipodlinux.org/Applications has an already pretty impressive lineup
of useless little games, but the two main features I'm excited about are:


Chess on the iPod sounds good to me. I bought one of them little chess
computers, and it's good, but why have two bits of electronics when you
can carry one that does everything? Might as well be letting my iPod whup

The other app is more of a feature of podzilla, and that is the transfer
of music and files directly, iPod to iPod. What I really need is a way to
connect my iPod to my Nintendo DS as a hard drive, and flash the bios so
that I can run homebrew applications from it. 

DS linux is in a pretty early stage of development, I think.


They've got Sash running on it. They've got the touch screen running as a
keyboard, and the top screen as the display (a great idea I think). The DS
has built in wireless, which is all sorts of fun. What I'm worried about
is flashing the bios. Who wants to donate me an old DS for

The real benefit of linux on the DS would be using the stylus to take
notes in programs I've written myself. I have an idea for a transcription
program for working with new languages that takes it's input from an IPA
keyboard on the touch screen. 



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