[nSLUG] Thin Clients has anyone experence with them?

Miles Thompson miles at allnovascotia.com
Wed Sep 14 11:11:49 ADT 2005

Go to tigerdirect.ca and search for "off lease". There's also an outfit in 
Dartmouth that sells off-lease gear, and Jim Haliburton directed me to 
company called MightyMax about 4 yr ago. Maybe they're now tigerdirect?

Supply of this stuff is pretty volatile; sometimes the "carefully inspect" 
amounts to a basic OS install and a blast of compressed air. Have to say 
this, when I did get a bad system MightMax arranged for a swap *without* 
waiting for the system I was returning to reach them.

The tough discipline on these systems is to use them as-is - maybe 
replacing a bad NIC. "Upgrading" pushes them towards the price of a newer 
system really quickly, but you still have the old CPU, etc.

Cheers - Miles

At 10:49 AM 9/14/2005, you wrote:
> > On the client side, tigerdirect.ca have off-lease P3 550/128MB systems for
> > just over $100. It doesn't say if the onboard NIC supports PXE, so you may
>  Do you happen to have a URL for one of these ?
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