[nSLUG] Thin Clients has anyone experence with them?

Miles Thompson miles at allnovascotia.com
Wed Sep 14 10:43:06 ADT 2005


>>>On the client side, tigerdirect.ca have off-lease P3 550/128MB systems 
>>>for just over $100. It doesn't say if the onboard NIC supports PXE, so 
>>>you may need a PXE NIC, and it also comes without a display. These boxes 
>>>are cheap enough that you can have a couple sitting around spare, so if 
>>>one dies the user can quite probably swap it out themselves and leave 
>>>the dead unit to one side until it can be repaired.
>Cheers... Dop.

And at that price, one would think quite hard before spending a penny on 
repair. Diminishing returns set in really quickly.



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